My Season All is good for all kinds of foods. Whether you are grilling steaks, chicken or burgers or making a roast or prime rib, chef Cory's Season All is all you need. use as a dry rub before or give a little extra during cooking or even leave it on the table so everyone can accent their favorite foods with a unique flavor explosion. 

  I have also used it on fish, shrimp, seafood, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, even frozen pizza.

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Just a little SeasonALL Makes everything taste better

 Beer Basted Octoberfest Ribs


What you need:

4-6 lbs Baby Back Ribs

1 cup Chef Cory’s Season All

¼ cup Chili Powder

2 TLBS Cumin

Olive Oil

4-6 Cloves of Garlic

I bottle of your favorite dark beer ( I used a Leinenkugel Oktoberfest)

Hickory or Favorite wood chips

18 inch foil and plastic wrap


The night before you are going to smoke your ribs, rinse them thoroughly and peel the membrane off the back. You may need a knife to get it started. Slice the garlic into slivers or dice it. I like the larger pieces for looks.  Lay out a piece of foil, large enough to cover the ribs completely, and lay out plastic wrap on top of foil. Lay ribs on top of the wrap then cover lightly with olive oil and shingle garlic over both,  stack the ribs and wrap them tightly, refrigerate over night.

  Next day, preheat your smoker to get the smoke built up. While it is heating, take out your ribs and lay them out on the foil for about an hour before smoking. Mix your spices together in a small bowl, separate out about 1/3 and set aside. Liberally coat your ribs on both sides with rest of spices and rub it in making sure that you get it everywhere. Save your foil for later, the plastic wrap can be tossed.

Set your smoker to 225 degrees, set your ribs in so that they are not overlapping. Take the beer and mix with the rest of the rub to create a “mop” to baste your ribs with every 45 minutes!  Smoke them for 4-6 hours until the thickest part of the ribs reaches 165 degrees. 30 minutes before the ribs are done, wrap them in the foil and finish cooking them. Pull them out and let them rest for 20 minutes. I then took the rest of my mop and mixed in ¼ cup of BBQ sauce. Then I smothered the ribs with the sauce and finished them on the grill on high to crisp up the outside.your paragraph here.

Grill Roasted Potatoes

These Potatoes are a great treat for the whole family, not to mention simple and delicious!

1-2 lbs Potatoes cubed(red Potatoes are my              favorite)

4 TBSP Butter sliced

1 pinch of fresh Rosemary minced

1 pinch of fresh Thyme minced

1 TBLS fresh chopped Garlic

1 pinch fresh Chives

1 TBSP Olive Oil

and of course Chef Cory's SeasonAll

  Cut up Potatoes and Herbs. Take large piece of heavy duty aluminium foil. Lay potatoes and herbs in center of foil. Spritz with olive oil, then liberally sprinkle Chef Cory's Season All over everything. Line butter chips over potatoes, then fold foil over and crease on top. Then fold up sides of foil making a pouch. With grill on Medium High, lay pouch down with butter side up so it melts over potatoes. Flip every 4-5 minutes for about 20 minutes or so. Cooking time varies with how much is in pouch. Goes great with any meat.

FOR A TWIST- add Parmesan cheese into pouch before cooking